Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Zophia Wears Normal Clothes 001!

For the last several days, I've felt compelled to share my outfits on instagram as a way to encourage myself to wear a greater variety of my own clothes. I'm one of those people who, even in quarantine, finds it helpful to get up, get dressed and do makeup, so I've been wearing full outfits with jeans and mascara most days since I returned home from college in March. But for the most part, it's been a rotation of the same handful of pants and sweaters that were newer to me and I felt comfortable in. I want to dig back into my drawers and bring out things I haven't put on in a while, especially now that the weather's nice!
For the last few years, I'd been aiming to reduce the color palette in my wardrobe as a means of keeping it small in the name of minimalism and sustainability. But since then, I've realized how Me I feel with lots of colors in my life and that one woman can only have so many black clothes. Sustainability isn't about a monochromatic capsule wardrobe, it's just about eliminating and reducing waste!
This outfit is one of my more out-there getups, but I'm hoping in my incredibly minuscule corner of the fashion blogging world I can just share images of my day-to-day wear, goofy and plain, in a way that opposes the cult of newness that even "ethical" fashion personalities subscribe to. At the end of the day, we can't buy our way out of waste and climate change even if the cotton is pesticide-free and the soap is wrapped in paper; new products always mean some waste is created. I own plenty of fast fashion pieces, but have tried to stop buying new over the last year or so aside from shoes and accessories and when I do buy new, it's usually something I've thought about for a while and know I'll keep for a long time. TLDR I like expressing myself through my clothes and want to get excited about the stuff I already own, or otherwise secondhand items!

top: vintage (gift from my cousin in 2015)
skirt: h&m (belongs to my sister)
sunglasses: madewell (2019)
earrings: madewell (2018)
socks: monki (2020)
hair clips: urban outfitters (2020)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Now Or Never Now

Hello dear void! It's been quite a while. That's okay, life takes precedence. It's been two difficult and strange semesters. I went into the school year hoping to "break open" after a year of work and numbness, and it turned out that meant a great deal of challenges and strong emotions. Break open I did, and I am all the better for it. 
School's out and lockdown's on, so photographing, writing, and sharing all make me feel good right now. I see less strangeness in the eyes of the strangers on my walks now and more joy; I think Minnesota has adjusted to its new normal okay. Of all the places to call my home base during a pandemic, this one is ideal. 
I've been going on long, long walks through the city, and shorter walks through my neighborhood. I'm beginning to see home in a more artistic light, which is even easier now that all the lilacs are blooming. I'm compelled to photograph my walks and daily life; I already do with my phone but my camera has been coming along more. I am glad and lucky.
I'm inclined to begin phasing out my @filozofia instagram, the one that I devoted so much time to way back when, and sharing my camera-photos alongside my iphone-photos from now on. I have been thinking lots recently about how knowing when to let things go and end them is a valuable skill. This change feels long overdue, if I'm being honest. I'm not sure what avenues will emerge as the best for sharing my photography going forward, but I am beginning to realize doing away with vestiges is perhaps the most valuable step, the one that lightens the load on my shoulders and clears the way for the most natural next step to emerge on its own. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


On the topic of bright and shiny: some self-portraits in the evening light.

Small Joys, Quiet Towns

Even on my roughest days it is such a joy to be alive in the world. (Guess my enneagram type).
I ask myself a lot of questions about what the right life is for me, whether I'll regret how much time I'm spending in school, whether I have enough time to make the art I want to make big and bold, if my youth is better spent roaming the west in a van or starting a band and booking shows or moving to some big city where I will see more interesting things and have more interesting stories. But when the colors around me look like is hard not to be in love with what's here in Rochester. Yesterday, at the peak of fall color, a massive double rainbow raised up over the city and stayed vibrant for at least half an hour. Today I tried out a solo in choir, a beautiful one which I practiced lots and still messed up but loved anyways. I knew going in that I was in it half for the thrill of it and the way my heart beats hard when I'm about to sing in front of everybody (it's not as hard as you may think to be an adrenaline junkie in a confined space). My forehead is covered in zits this week; this means I'm stressed but it also means I wasn't all that stressed before. Everything is a little bright and shiny and at the end of the day I am glad.